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Privacy Policy

This Physiotherapy Practice needs to collect information about you for the primary purpose of providing quality treatment and health care . In order to properly assess , diagnose and treat you  we need to collect some personal and medical information from you .
This information will also be used for :
  • The administration purposes of running this practice
  • Billing, either directly or through an insurer or compensation agency
  • Use within the practice when passing information to other treatment staff for ongoing treatment and care and for conveying new practice information to you
  • Disclosure of treatment and medical  information to your doctors or other treatment providers
  • In the case of an insurance or compensation claim it may be necessary to disclose and/or collect information that affects your treatment and return to work

 Your written consent will be obtained at the start of your treatment in order to carry out the above activities.

Information collected at this practice is stored securely and only practice staff has access to it .

The practice will take every care to ensure information collected is accurate , complete and up-to-date .

You may have access to  your information held at this practice and , if you believe any information is inaccurate we may be able to amend information accordingly.

I am aware that I can access my personal and treatment information on request and , if necessary correct information I believe to be inaccurate.

I understand that if, in exceptional circumstances , access is denied for legitimate purposes that the reasons for this and possible remedies will be made available to me .

I understand that the practice must obtain additional consent if the information collected is to be used in any other ways other than that outlined above.

I understand that should failure to pay my accounts occur my full contact details will be automatically given to EC Credit Control Pty Ltd to proceed with a comprehensive debt collection process.