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Written on the 5 September 2014 by Active Body Physiotherapy

Well it's that time of year again. The transition from winter to spring and a time that most individuals come out of hibernation and start throwing themselves back into regular activity and exercise whilst enjoying more modest temperatures rather than the bitter cold of winter.

It's now the time to look at building back into some form of exercise at a steady pace and not throw yourself into something your body cannot handle after a long period off. As an Exercise Physiologist I get to see all too often the end result of someone going "Hell for Leather" into some new regime and not considering if they are physically ready to perform such activity. I'm certainly not saying don't try something new, I am all for that, however start small then build up.

Take the time to look at possible weaknesses you may have, think about where you've come unstuck in the past with previous programs and ultimately your overall goals from your new training program.

Remember that if you start slowly and build up you are more likely to stick to a program, rather than jumping into something that causes injury or excessive muscle or joint damage. Address all facets of training, look at improving your strength, cardiovascular endurance, core stability, and flexibility.

Look at structuring your program to encompass a holistic approach to improving your general fitness; don't neglect the small things either like recovery and nutrition. If all avenues are taken care of then your overall goal is closer than you think.

If you are uncertain about how to start your program or are carrying a niggling injury that refuses to settle, then seek out the assistance of a professional. Let them assess your current situation and find out suitable ways of addressing that reoccurring injury, find a way to best program your training or simply develop a structured program that is "INDIVIDUALISED" for YOU!

Remember, what works for one individual may not be completely suitable for the next. A small adjustment here, or a tweak there may just set you up for the best long-term success you need and want.

Training and building fitness is meant to be fun. Find something fun in each activity you participate in, don't see training as a chore. I understand working out can be hard work, but it should also be something that you enjoy doing. If you take the approach of "wanting to do it" rather than "having to do it" then your success is certainly going to be higher and your results so much more noticeable.

I hope that with the improved weather comes the chance to build a new exercise regime. A chance to get Back to the Future You.

Should you require any information on program design, injury and biomechanical assessments don’t hesitate in contacting our team of professional exercise physiologists at Active Body.

Shannon Codd
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Author:Active Body Physiotherapy

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