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Posted by Active Body Physiotherapy on 4 July 2014
Posture is a learned habit, not a random event. The discipline of resetting your working posture each half hour, getting up to stretch, arranging your computer set up and doing some postural exe...

What should you do if you have Acute Low back pain?

Posted by Active Body Physiotherapy on 7 May 2014
Recommendations released in November 2012 give advice on treatment types for acute low back pain. Sufferers should follow the following important tips to help ease their symptoms:

Strong Reco...

Runner's Knee

Posted by Active Body Physiotherapy on 2 April 2014
PATELLOFEMORAL SYNDROME, also known as anterior knee pain, runner's knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome and chondromalacia, refers to pain arising from the joint between the kneecap (patella) an...


Posted by Active Body Physiotherapy on 5 March 2014
Much like Muscle Cramp, almost all athletes have experienced a Stitch at some time. Stitches to can range from mildly uncomfortable to debilitating for recreational exercisers and elite athletes...

Muscle Cramp

Posted by Active Body Physiotherapy on 5 February 2014
Almost everyone who has ventured into the exercise arena has experienced a muscle cramp at some time. These complaints can range from mildly uncomfortable to severely debilitating and are a grea...

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